The Space Between explores the environments of my family then and now as a way to insert myself into their memories. After taking the time to learn about my family that I never had the chance to meet, I thought about how they shaped my family today. I began to wonder how my ancestors lives would relate mine, and how decades of time translate into my present environments. 

This project is me exploring the family that I never knew, as well as how the photos can travel through time. Even though my great grandparents grew up in a different house than me, I was able to draw parallels between where they lived then and where I live now. Being able to incorporate old family memories into my present-day life not only felt nostalgic, but it also felt strangely new. Artists that inspired this project include Danny Lyon, Martin Mlecko, and Lebohang Kganye. Lyon made a book inspired by scrapbooking that included family photos of his kids, which stylistically appealed to my project. Mlecko both conceptually and aesthetically interested me, as he curated a both of everyday photographs. Kganye inspired me the most in terms of this project and future work. Her art connects herself with other members of her family, as well as playing with the concept of memory and death.